Advanced Seminar in Religion and Science – Fall 2013

Current Landscapes in Religion and Science

Jennifer Baldwin, Lea Schweitz and Gayle Woloschak Monday Evenings 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, September 9 through December 2, 2013 Room 201, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, 1100 East 55th Street, Chicago, IL 60615
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This fall, the Advanced Seminar will investigate and assess the current “state of the field” of religion and science. In recent years, there have been a growing number of introductions, companions, and handbooks to religion and science. We will review this body of literature for indications of the contours and landmarks of contemporary religion and science. This review will take place from the context of an overview of the historical development of the discourse. We will explore three current landscapes in depth: 1) Religion, Science, Politics and Public Discourse, 2) Religion, Science, and Human Person, and 3) Theology, Science, and Trauma. The aim is to gain a deeper acquaintance with the themes and concerns of each unit and relate them critically and constructively to the “state of the field”.

Course Credit and Registration

The Advanced Seminar in Religion and Science is designed as a research seminar for faculty, students, and other professionals. Course credit is available via registration through the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC) or cross-registration through member schools of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS); the course number is T-672. For more information about ZCRS, please visit, email, or call 773-256-0670.

Advanced Seminar Schedule - Fall 2013

September 9, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmIntroduction to the Seminar

Historical Perspectives on the Work We’re Doing

Philip Hefner, theology, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and ZCRS
September 16, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmReligion, Science, and Democracy: A Disputational FriendshipLisa Stenmark, comparative religious studies, San Jose State University
September 23, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmIslam, Science, and the Empirical Spirit in IranAlireza Doostdar, Islamic studies and anthropology of religion, University of Chicago
September 30, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmToward an American Religious Naturalist Political TheologyMichael Hogue, theology, Meadville-Lombard Theological School
October 7, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmBiology: The Scopes Trial, Textbooks, and the Antievolution Movement in America Adam Shapiro, history of science and religion, Birbeck – University of London
October 14, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmThe Human Person in Light of Genetics and Epigenetics Gayle Woloschak, molecular biology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
October 21, 20136:30 - 9:30 pm‘Human Person’ in Evolutionary Perspective William Irons, anthropology, Northwestern University
October 28, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmWhat Does It Mean to be Created Human? Theological Anthropology in Historical Perspective Mladen Turk, theology, Elmhurst College
November 4, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmThe Neurology of Trauma James Galezewski, clinical psychology, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Aurora University
November 11, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmYoking Religion and Science for a Trauma Sensitive Theology Jennifer Baldwin, psychotherapy, Genesis Therapy Center, and theology, Elmhurst College
November 18, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmHealing Trauma - Restoring Body and Soul Susan McConnell, psychotherapy and IFS lead trainer, private practice
November 25, 2013No Lectures (Thanksgiving Recess at LSTC)
December 2, 20136:30 - 9:30 pmPanel Presentation
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