The papers below are listed in alphabetical order by last name, with the exception of the prizewinning papers which are presented together, in one file, at the top. Some papers are available for download as PDF files.

First Symposium Prizewinning Papers
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Ballan, Joseph
Abraham, Philosopher: Maimonides on the Emergence of the Monotheism and the Legitimacy of Speculation
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Bellin, Zvi
Searching for Meaning: An Encounter with the Sacred in Our World
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Considine, Kevin
Creating a “Political Mysticism”: Knowing God through Others’ Suffering in the Theology of Johann Baptist Metz
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Deen, Daniel
Why Science and Spirituality Need Each Other: Toward A Theory of Dialogue
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DiDonato, Nicholas
The (Pancritically) Rational Theist: Oxymoron or Option?
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Douras, Greg
‘Naturally’: knowing God in the Yoga Sūtra attributed to Patañjali
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Dowdeswell, C.J.
Towards a “Cognitive Theology”: A Theological Examination of the Cognitive Science of Religion
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Durbin, Daniel
Intercessory Prayer in a Post-Newtonian World: An Evaluation of Medical Studies concerning Intercessory Prayer
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Duru, Augustine
The Cross and the Lynching Tree: Union of Symbol and Meaning in James Cone’s Soteriology of the Cross
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Gouw, Arvin
How Do We Know God? Theological Epistemology in light of Mind-Brain Perspectives
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Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Joshua
Cosmic Christ, Cosmic Trinity: Imago Dei and Cosmic Reality

Hollingsworth, Andrea
The Ambiguity of Transdisciplinarity: Negation, Ecstacy, and the Disciplinary Other
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Kim, Sung-Sup
How Does God Know Us?: The Problem of God’s Knowledge in Thomas Aquinas
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Li, Natalia
Ecumenical Mysticism of Divine Sophia in the Work of Russian Orthodox Theologian Vladimir Soloviev
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Majerus, Brian
Toward an Authentic Knowing of God: Use of the Differentiation-of-Self Construct in Relational Spirituality
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McCall, Bradford
Kenosis and Emergence: A Fruitful Exchange
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McMillin, Stephen
Spiritual Capital: A Useful Scientific Framework
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Morgan, Silas
Lacan, Language and the self: A Postmodern Vision of Spirituality
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Myatt, William
From Method to Form: David Tracy as Model for Doing Theology in a Pluralistic Context

Olsen, Michelle
Order, Chaos, and Scandal: A Survey of the Interactions Between Pure Mathematics and the Divine
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Reynhout, Kenneth
Ambiguous Others: Theology and Science in the Work of David Tracy
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Tsakiridis, George
Knowing God Through the Patristic Fathers: Basil and Ambrose on the Hexameron
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Voelker, Paul
Materialist Spirituality?
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Wallace, Cynthia
“Spanning the Gap”: Annie Dillard as Ricoeur’s Suffering Creator
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Watson, George
From Saint Augustine to Charles Darwin: Re-Imagining the imago Dei in Light of Evolution
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Webb, David
Basho’s Haiku and a Deeper Relationship with God Through Creation
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