The papers below are listed in alphabetical order by last name and are available for download as PDF files.

Albert, Carolyn
Made for Self-Giving Love of Creation
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Considine, Kevin
The Human Person as Spiritual Person?
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Cooperrider, Daniel
The Call of Our Times
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Cottam, Steven
To Err Is Human

Daniels, Joel
Our Heart Is Restless: Meditation and the Origin of Our Species
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Durbin, Daniel
Natural Theodicy?
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Fitzkappes, Jeff
Welcoming All Things as Persons
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Frontjes, Richard
Reflections on Phrenology and Christian Mission
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Hanson, Christopher
Embracing Our Evolutionary Desire to Be Like God

Kim, Junghyung
Transhumanism and Christian Hope for Resurrection of the Body
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Kim, Yun-Hui
The Ecological Self and Everyday Life from the Korean Tonghak Perspective
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King, Cabell
Particularity and Totality in the Anthropology of Wolfhart Pannenberg

Kohlhaas, Jake
Questions of Homosexuality
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Lapisardi, Amy
Duns Scotus and the Memento Problem
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Lee, Sungho
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Thought of Evolution in Light of Symbiogenesis and Social Brain Hypothesis
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Love, Carolyn
Imago Dei: Evolved, Embedded and Embodied
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McKissick, Louise
Tibetan Buddhist Spiritual and Religious Beliefs at End of Life
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McMillin, Stephen
Churches Gone Corporate

Meier, Adrianne
Expressing Our Humanity through the Sacraments
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Morar, Nicolae
At the Border of Humanity: The Moral Dilemma Regarding Genetic Chimeras
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Roberts, Jason
They Have “Become Like One of Us”

Thomas, Jonathan
Embodiment, Incarnation, and Incorporation: Mental Illness as Challenge to Traditional Views of the Imago Dei
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Smith, Michelle
When Math Hurts
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Wallenfang, Donald
Attestation Manifest
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Weissenbacher, Alan
Anthropological Views and Addiction Counseling
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