The papers below are listed in alphabetical order by last name and some are available for download as PDF files.

Brenna, Christopher
The Ecological Vision of the Green Patriarch
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Eastman, Niles
Commercial or Covenantal? Finding the Divine in Agriculture
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Flanagan, Tara
The Broken Body of God: Moving Beyond the Beauty Bias in Ecological Ethics

Gouw, Arvin
Eco-theology in light of the sacramental theology of St. Ephrem the Syriac
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Gowans, Matthew
Cultivating Soil, Life, and Ethical Awareness
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Guidero, Kirsten
Eating Our Way to Holiness: Anglican Resources for Agricultural Ethics
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Hollander, Aaron
Earth Community as Grounds for Biblical & Biological Identity
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Kuzma, Andrew
A Return to Medieval Piety: A Response to Factory Farming from Saint Bonaventure
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Maull, Georgia
Stream, Stone, Oikos, Polis: Sacred Space and Ancient Mystery Cult Sanctuaries
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Pomykala, Kristin
Watery Relations: Possibilities for a New Animism (Re)connecting Humans with Water in Responsible Environmental Practices

Powell, Russell
These Divine Relations — The Ecological Promise of Jonathan Edwards’ Relational Ontology
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Roberts, Jason
Dust, Breath, and Blood: The Image and Likeness of God as a Product of Nature
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