Basic Guide to Proposals

Proposals must be 500 words or less. Please email them to zygonrsss [at] in one of the following file formats: Portable Document Format (*.pdf), Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx), Rich Text Format (*.rtf) or Open Document Text (*.odt).

Submitted proposals should include:

  • Your name and institution
  • A preliminary title for your paper,
  • A Thesis statement,
  • up to 15 key words or short phrases, in alphabetical order, and
  • A broad summary,
  • A preliminary bibliography
  • and a word count.

Here is an example of a proposal that was accepted for one of our previous Student Symposia: Download Sample


The papers below are listed in alphabetical order by last name and some are available for download as PDF files.

Ansted, Daniel
Design, Evolution, and Sex: Intelligent Design Proponents Discuss Sexual Morality
download paper

Azmat, Tanveer
Religion and Science Dichotomy: a Matter of Relational Epistemology
download paper

Carlson, David L.
Heidegger in an Age of Economism
download paper

Considine, Kevin P.
Ignoring the ‘Signs of the Times’? A Sociological Challenge to White Catholics Engaging Racism as Theological Problem
download paper

Illian, Bridget
Brain-Based Biblical Exegesis with the Gospel of Matthew
download paper

Isaksson, Alyson
IVF, Surrogacy, and Globalization: Is Surrogacy Liberative in the U.S.-India International Context?
download paper

Krasny, Eric
Freud’s Personality Theory and Traditional Atonement Theology
download paper

Molhoek, Braden
Reinhold Niebuhr’s Anthropology and Evolution: The Double Edged Sword of Original Sin and Original Righteousness
download paper

Roberts, Jason
Karl Rahner, Terrence Deacon, and the Emergence of the imago trinitatis
download paper

Rohr, David
New Sciences of the Mind and the Limited Scope of Religious Conceptions of Human Nature
download paper

Stroda, Una
Insight and Learning Through Laughter: We Shall Call Every Truth False Which Was Not Accompanied By At Least One Laugh
download paper

Thompson, Brian
Old Testament Ethics and Primates: Love Your Neighbor as Transcendent Command
download paper

Uca, Eda
Saints and Sinners All- But Not All the Same A Darwinian Third Wave Feminist Construction of Sin and Redemption
download paper

Weissenbacher, Alan
A Research Proposal from Theology to Science: An Awakening Love of the Divine and Neural Mechanisms for Changing Entrenched Life Habits
download paper