Speaker Information

What is my role as a Student Speaker?

The role of a student speaker is simple: to present your work as part of a panel and to answer questions from the audience. As a speaker, you are the expert in your field and you will find that the audience and other panelists are open to new ideas and offer constructive criticism and helpful feedback. For me, I’ve enjoyed participating in this symposium with other young scholars who are working at the intersection of religion and science. I have found the symposium to have a collegial atmosphere that is both friendly and intellectually stimulating.” Kevin Considine, Student Speaker at the First, Second and Third Annual Symposiums


Is audiovisual support available for presentations?

Yes. If you need audiovisual support (e.g., projection equipment), please let us know in advance by emailing zygonrsss@gmail.com and we will assist you with setup that day. The LSTC building also has wireless internet access if needed, but please plan to have audio and visual components (audio files, video clips, etc.) downloaded prior to your presentation to ensure their availability.


Is financial assistance available to help with student travel expenses?

Unfortunately, the Student Symposium is unable to offer financial assistance. However, we are happy to help you make arrangements and plan your trip. We recommend you ask your faculty advisor, your academic department, and your graduate student association for support.