Soil…Sky…Structure.  River and road.  Habitat and home.  The landscapes in which we dwell can affect our lives in profound ways.  In our work and play, in our growing and learning, in our building and dreaming… the land is a constant presence, and a steady source of provocation and inspiration.  Like water on rock, the landscape works on our hearts and our minds, giving shape to who we are and offering insights about who we might become.

I Go Quiet

River and road.  Habitat and home.  Landscape affects our lives in profound ways,in our work and our play, the land is a constant presence.  But what is the right way to be with the land?  Is it cultivating the Earth or restoring lost wildness?  Is it through the examining mind of science, the keen eye of art where the humble open hands of faith?  Considering one’s connection to nature is an ancient and universal and important work.  This is the story of one landscape, a driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin, told by people who love this land mightily, who spend their lives listening.

Q & A with Dr. Klaus Peter Adam

Dr. Klaus Peter Adam is Associate Professor of Old Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC) specializing in Biblical Archaeology and Biblical Law. In this video, Dr. Adam discusses the landscape around Israel and Palestine.

Interview with Jim Schaal

Jim Schaal serves as Sustainability Coordinator at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, leading campus sustainability initiatives, promoting sustanable practices within the community, and supporting environmental ministry and ecotheology curricula and courses.