Epic of Creation – Spring 2015

Scientific, Biblical, and Theological Perspectives on Our Origins

Gayle Woloschak Monday Evenings 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM, February 2 through May 4, 2015 Room 201, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC), 1100 East 55th Street, Chicago, IL 60615
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Discussions about Intelligent Design and Creation Science continue to trouble media and the public even after the U.S. District Court declared Intelligent Design to be unconstitutional in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. These discussions create furor with school boards and leave believers of many faith traditions confused.

The Zygon Center for Religion and Science in Chicago offers a unique resource in this situation: The Epic of Creation lecture series provides a thorough presentation of scientific, religious, and theological knowledge about the evolution of the universe, life and culture.

The Epic of Creation presents the scientific story of emergence and evolution from the beginning of the universe to the emergence of humans; interpretation of the biblical stories of creation; and theological reflection on creation and our origins. Prominent scientists tell the scientific story, which begins with the origins of the universe presented from a cosmological perspective. It continues through the origin of life on earth, the evolution of life to its present forms, and the development of humans, including brain evolution and the development of social structures. Religious scholars present a variety of reflections on the biblical creation stories. Theologians discuss how scientific and religious creation stories affect our sense of meaning today.

The Epic of Creation series was started by the Zygon Center for Religion and Science in 1989 and has been running since that time. Our speakers include top scientists and scholars from the University of Chicago, the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Northwestern University, Loyola University, Notre Dame University, McCormick Theological Seminary, DePauw University, and other distinguished institutions.

All Epic of Creation guest lectures are free and open to the public, and the series may be taken for course credit through the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS).

If you would like further information, please contact the Zygon Center for Religion and Science by phone 773-256-0670 or e-mail ZCRS@LSTC.edu or Epic@LSTC.edu

Epic of Creation Schedule - Spring 2015

February 16, 20156:30 pmHumility: The quest by humans of knowledge, where does our knowledge actually come from?Don York, astrophysics, University of Chicago
February 16, 20158:00 pmChristology and Creation from Teilard de Chardin to Elizabeth JohnsonJohn Slattery, theology and science, University of Notre Dame
February 23, 20156:30 pmEvolution on a Cosmic ScaleGrace Wolf-Chase, astrophysics, Adler Planetarium
February 23, 20158:00 pmA Visit with NeandertalsFred Smith, anthropology, Illinois State University
March 16, 20156:30 pmThe Evolution of Culture and the Capacity for Culture in the Human Descent LineWilliam Irons, anthropology, Northwestern University
March 16, 20158:00 pmWhat Are the Primates Teaching Us?Paul Heltne, evolutionary biology, Independent Scholar
April 13, 20156:30 pmField Trip to Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab
May 4, 20156:30 pmLAST DAY: Student Presentations and Panel Discussion