Basic Guide to Proposals

Proposals must be 500 words or less. Please email them to zygonrsss [at] in one of the following file formats: Portable Document Format (*.pdf) or Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx).

Submitted proposals should include:

  • Your name and institution
  • A preliminary title for your paper,
  • A Thesis statement,
  • up to 15 key words or short phrases, in alphabetical order, and
  • A broad summary,
  • A preliminary bibliography
  • and a word count.


The papers below are listed in alphabetical order by last name and some are available for download as PDF files.

Anglim, Caroline
Global Drug Trials: Conceptualizing a Response in Religious Ethics 
download paper

Awadzi, Raymond
Religious Organizations and Comparative Theological Responses to Illegal Gold Mining in Ghana
download paper

Berndt, Elisa & Wehde, Emily
Fully Human and Fully Divine: The Virgin Birth and Technology

Heeg, Charlotte
Reviving Public Theology: Integrative Approaches from the Parish
download paper

Ladowski, Anna Patricia
Science of Self: An Exposition on the Chakra System and the Hierarchy of Needs 
download paper download table

Masomera, Elliot
Will African Indigenous Religious Beliefs Survive the Scientific Age
download paper

Mvondo, Abossolo
Religious Naturalism: Beliefs and Certainties About An Unknown Nature
download paper

Oellig, Michael
God and the Religious Naturalist: Ethics of Religious Naturalism Viewed Through the Christian Hermeneutical Lens of Understanding Sin

Oh, Kwang-Jin
Brain as Technology: God’s Creation or Creation of a God?  
download paper

Opehtoo, Saw Solomon
Religious Naturalism and the Karen Contextual Spirituality 
download paper

Scheidt, Michelle A. 
Rethinking God: Wholeness, the Sacred, and Insights from Religious Naturalism 
download paper

Siegel OSA, Br. Joseph D.
Honoring the Imago Dei in Dementia Patients
download paper

Stroda, Una
How Would the Desert Fathers Respond to Global Climate Change?  
download paper